GNU Plot

So basically i am a Linux user and expect you to be one too. If you aren’t one, still what i suggest is basic, just you can’t try it as such.

I am a believer that you can only learn from practice else everything goes haywire when you start after just reading a lot and practicing none.


  1. First step is installation. click here .
    For ubuntu users just type “sudo apt-get install gnuplot5-x11”
  2. Secondly watch this set of tutorials in a side window following all the step he does and replicating it. here
  3. Now comes your creativity. Take task like drawing ellipse, any equation , in a parametric form. My code for a circle is :-
    set parametric
    set trange [0:7]
    set samples 1000
    plot f(t),g(t) lt rgb “#005000”

So explaining step by step:-

set parametric starts parametric mode. “trange” is the range of value of variation of t. Sample would be just a number of point to be plotted in the range of t. Now taking two function f(t) = sin(t), g(t) = cos(t) is actually parametric form of unit-radius circle.

Finally the plot command. Two function becomes our x and y respectively. lt part of plot is changing line-type specially color to a shade of green given in hex form.

More links4u :-


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